Mystery Minions Street Team

Created on Friday, 22 March 2013 Written by Larissa

Mystery MinionWanna Be a Mystery Minion for Larissa Reinhart & LynDee Walker? 

Mystery Minions is the street team for authors LynDee Walker and Larissa Reinhart. We welcome readers who are interested in helping get the word out about our new releases. WE LOVE OUR READERS & want to give them a special place to chat, earn special privileges, and learn interesting tidbits about our books and characters.

What's a Street Team & wadda I have to do? It's not rocket science, we promise. We adore our readers, and we wanted an easy online place for y'all to chat, find us, win cool stuff, and learn fun facts about our characters and their worlds. To join, simply click "join group" above. Here's what membership gets you:

*a shot at exclusive contests, including special Mystery Minions only stuff like having a character named after you in one of our books (we promise we won't make your fictional namesake the killer). 

*automatic entry into a monthly drawing for fun prizes like gift cards, books, and other assorted goodies.

*a Mystery Minions only contest around every new release: during the months of our releases, we'll run a special Minions only contest, with a gift card as the prize.

*fun facts and extra information about our characters. 

*exclusive excerpts of upcoming books.

*deleted scenes.

Street Team CatSound cool? So, what would we like you to do? Well, only none or all of the following: 

*spread the word to family and friends (in person and online) about the books of ours that you really liked.

*take promo materials (we'll send you some, just ask!) to local libraries, independent bookstores, writers groups, and any other place you think you might find mystery readers.

*be our friend.

*pick one of our books for your book club.

*skype or google plus us into your book club meeting (or, if you live near enough, we'll come to your meeting in person if at all possible).

* if you have a blog, review our books and interview us.

* post reviews for our books on all the reader-centric sites like Goodreads, Shelfari, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, (just so y'all know, you do not have to buy a book from amazon or B&N in order to review it there) etc.

*suggest our books for your local book clubs. We'd be happy to skype or google chat in to their cllubs.

Thank you for your support!

You can find the Minions at